Newfoundland 2014 Wall Calendar by Ed Roche from Pine Ridge Art

Posted on August 29, 2013 · Posted in Pine Ridge Art

Newfoundland by Ed Roche - 2014 Wall Calendar 

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Newfoundland by Ed Roche – 2014 Wall Calendar

Ed Roche the artist behind the 2014 Newfoundland Pine Ridge Art wall calendar is enthralled at the subject matter of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This province with it’s rocky domain has a rugged beauty that is matched by the friendly inhabitants. Anyone who has visited Newfoundland/Labrador can attest to the picturesque coastline, quaint harbours, and gorgeous seascapes.

Ed finds material for the Newfoundland calendar in the island’s nooks and crannies as he roams the shorelines to find inspiration for hundreds of paintings that he has created from his skilled hands and rich imagination.

Ed Roche has an amazing ability to master composition and how to paint effects that tantalize the eyes. His real success is the ability to engage realism by capturing the simple essence of a scene. With every dab and stroke of the brush passion and care flows.

Personally I enjoy the water and if you have ever discussed the sea with a maritime who has moved inland, they miss the ocean breezes, the smell of the water and the fresh fish. Ed’s calendar for me captures the essence of the maritime experience from the small dories, to fishing vessels, colourful villages with scenes of calming safe ports. The image for March shows the power of the sea as the waves crash against the breakwater and a sailboat  flounders near the shore.

All Pine Ridge Art’s Wall Calendars are environmentally friendly, printed on linen paper. Each calendar features a decorative wrap for protection, which displays all twelve images on the back along with the Artist’s biography.

SIZE: 13 3/8″ x 24″ when opened.

Newfoundland by Ed Roche 2014 Wall Calendar -
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